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You can never have too many plants

Whether you are a veteran plant parent, or you’re new to the plant game, Sapling will give you customized plant recommendations based on your skills and preferences.

Find the plant


Everyone needs plants in their life. Sapling starts by helping you choose the right plant for you with just a few simple questions.

everthing needs a little


Sapling can help you set up for your new guest the right way by finding the perfect spot at home according to each plant's sunlight needs. You can even get your new plant delivered right to your door by ordering it through Sapling!

Grow and manage


Not only does Sapling remind you to take care of your plants, but it also creates digital versions of your plants that grow in real time to help you monitor your plants' expected growth and see how well you’re doing!

As a first-time gardener, I would have never imagined to get this far. This app has been a great help! I love the reminders, and I use them as a means to get away from the computer for a moment. I’d definitely recommend Sapling to anyone who’s trying to start a garden!

Sophia Carter

Mountain View, CA

In the past, I tried starting a garden several times, but my busy life at work often led to late nights and me constantly forgetting to take care of my plants. I started using Sapling six months ago, and I have 10 different types of foliage growing throughout my house now!

Jeremiah Derulo

Toledo, OH

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